2004-11-28        Look at Terra
2004-12-25        A Migration to Terra
2005-07-17        They are Thanking God
2005-07-20        Your Kingdom Come, Your Will be Done on Terra
2005-07-23        These Loving and Joyful Children of Terra
2005-08-02        The Lord's Prayer for Terra
2005-08-05        Terra as Heaven Manifested
2005-10-08        A Seemingly Unending Spring
2005-10-09        Not All Willing Qualify to be Way-Showers
2005-10-19        This Most Unusual of Requests
2005-12-16        A Humble Musician
2005-12-28        Wake Up My Children!
2005-12-31        Terra Touches Us
2006-01-06        The Great Shakeup
2006-01-18        Protection
2006-01-20        Gentleness and Kindness
2006-01-22        Restrain Your Impatience
2006-01-26        Empathy
2006-02-05        The Best of Both Worlds
2006-02-07        Only The Truth
2006-02-19        All That Glitters Is Not Gold
2006-02-24        First Impressions
2006-03-03        You Will Fall In Love With Your Father
2006-03-03        We Need The Sabbath
2006-03-05        After The Sabbath
2006-03-07        The Lie
2006-03-09        How The People of Terra Shall Live
2006-03-09        Allow for The Animals
2006-03-10        Your Earth No Longer Loves You
2006-03-16        The Risen State
2006-03-17        Three Feet Higher
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