Your Earth No Longer Loves You  
Meditations on Terra
And yes, all are present.  All are seated.  All are deep in
Is the Great Lord Jesus Christ
And is the Archangel Michael among them
No, Spirit, they are not
The Scribe and her Spirit seat themselves at their usual place
And assume the meditative position
They clear themselves of their concern regarding the absence
Of the Great Ones
And begin a silent meditation
And they are now in a deep and profound meditative state
And it is there that they greet
The figures of the Great Lord Jesus Christ and Archangel Michael
In their vision, the Great Ones smile at them
And the Lord beckons his finger,
Come follow me
And so, in their vision, the Scribe and her Spirit
Swim after the Lord and the Archangel
Through space they are swimming
Following the Lord’s lead they are swimming
With Archangel Michael protecting them from behind
They are swimming
And where do they go
And now I am seeing the Lord standing by a Star
It is a Star who has lost its Heart
And as result, has flattened
The Star is 2-dimensional and is in grief
The Star had rejected his Heart, his beloved
And the beloved had left and has not been heard from since
I see the Lord talking to the Star
And what is the Lord saying
Listen, you can hear as well as you see
Listen, what is the Lord saying
Lord Jesus Christ
Have you tried sending out a call
Have you tried sending your call out for her into the universe
She may then hear your call
Know that you have reversed your position
And be perfectly happy to return to you
The Star
My Lord, no I have not
Surely by now, she has taken residence in another Star
I cannot believe she would have been wandering alone
In the Universe all this time
Lord Jesus Christ
What choice did she have
What choice did you leave her

Will you in your pride, refuse to call her
Condemn yourself to a 2-dimensional existence
Condemn her to wandering the universe without a home
The Star
No, my Lord.  My grief and my sorrow are too great
They are certainly great enough to overcome any pride
I may have or have had
My Lord, I will do as you say
I will now call for her
I will now send out my call
And yes, beg for her to return to me
Tell her that I deeply regret my hasty error
And yes, beg for her return
My Lord, do you think she will hear me
Lord Jesus Christ
The more sincere and intense and heartfelt your call
The greater the likelihood that she will hear you
The Star
Then my Lord, I shall now put my mind, my soul, and my
Into this my call
And the Star does so
And I see his call like sound waves
Ripple outward in the direction he has projected it
Yes, the direction she was heading in when she had left him
And yes, truly he has put his all into this his call
For the sound waves do not diminish for as far as my eye can
The Universe is a large place though
And she has been gone a long time
And now I see that the Star looks a little happier
He has at least put forth an effort
Yes, he has sent out his call

Perhaps, his beloved, his Heart will hear his call
Perhaps, she shall forgive him
Perhaps, she shall still be free to return to him
That is a lot of ‘perhaps’
Yes and the Star realizes this as we speak
And returns to his former dejected state
And the Lord whispers to the Star

Good luck my friend
May your beloved return to you
For I know what it is like to have one’s beloved gone
Yes, to not have a beloved to call one’s own
And I would wish this on no one
You have learnt your lesson
May you now be reprieved of the consequences of your error
And now what happens
And now the Lord swims away from this Star
And we follow him in line as before
With Archangel Michael trailing the rear
And now what happens
The Lord stops, turns around, and looks at us
Lord Jesus Christ
My children what have you learned from this encounter
My Lord, to accept in gratitude
Yea to appreciate and recognize the gift of Love
When we receive it
In whatever form we receive it
Lord Jesus Christ
Exactly so
For the Star had rejected his Heart for being too small
Too less than, not good enough for him
And now was left desolate
For truly this Heart had been
his Heart
And now what happens
Lord Jesus Christ
And my children, why have I brought you here
Why have I shown you this Star
His foolish mistake
The consequence of his mistake
The consequence he is to this day enduring

Why, my children have I shown you this Star
And his bereft condition
And now we are silent, for had we not already answered the Lord
When we stated that we had learnt the necessity of
Accepting, appreciating, and recognizing the gift of Love
In whatever form it presented itself
We have learned by now to not repeat ourselves to the Lord
He does not want us to parrot back what we have already told
There is something further he is seeking from us
And we know it not
Don’t we

My Lord, you are telling us
That should we make the mistake of rejecting love
To immediately discard our pride
And beg for that love to return to us
Yes, woo and win our beloved back to us
Lord Jesus Christ
Yes, that is exactly what I am telling you

And now I ask you, what does this have to do with Terra
What does the Star and his rejected beloved have to do with
My Lord, the Star is humanity
And its Heart is the planet it had called home
Lord Jesus Christ

Exactly so, and just as this Star was left flattened
Without its Heart, its beloved sustaining him with her love

So bereft will humanity be
Without its Earth, its home
Sustaining humanity with her abundance

And now my children, what does this have to do
With humanity on Terra
My Lord, I know that you have reserved Terra
Only for those human children who are pure of heart

What is to happen to those who have not yet reached such purity

They too shall need a home
They shall need their planet
They shall need their Earth
Lord Jesus Christ
Exactly so
And tell me my dear one
How shall humanity woo Earth back

For truly Earth has had enough of humanity
Truly Earth is seeking its freedom
Has been, in fact, praying for her freedom for decades now

And God the Father’s mercy upon humanity
Has delayed her request

But Earth’s prayers have reached the Father’s ears
And with the Father, to hear is to answer
And no, he cannot deny Earth forever
He must at some point
And yes, no, he cannot wait further decades
For that would truly be ignoring Earth’s prayers
It would be insulting her
For no one is to be sacrificed for another

And Earth has pled her cause to the Father
She has reminded him of this principle

And she has pointed out
How she is in truth and in fact
Being sacrificed, her very life being drained from her
For and by humanity

No, the Father cannot delay the answer to Earth’s prayers much
And then my children, what is humanity to do
Where is humanity to go

For you are correct, most of humanity does not yet qualify for

It is my dream that each and every single human being
Reaches purity of heart
And so is granted the great privilege of life on Terra

But this will take a while
It may take a very long while
Centuries upon centuries
Ages upon ages
Who knows
It is humanity’s decision
And humanity’s alone

And yes in the meantime
What is the majority of the human population to do
Without its Earth
How will they live
How will they sustain themselves

For as things are progressing right now
I see two alternative presenting themselves
If humanity does not change

One:  the Father continues, in his mercy for humanity
Delaying his answer to Earth’s request
Delaying it for so long that finally
Humanity has stripped Earth dry
And it is left nothing but barren rock
With not a leaf and with not a drop of water
To sustain even one human being
And both humanity and its home will have died

Two:  the Father will finally take pity on Earth
Hear and answer her prayer
And yes, allow her to do as she will

And what my dear children does Earth wish to do right now
It is Earth’s wish, it is her desire
To free herself of humanity

How she does so is not too important to her

She could unleash the four elements
Water, Air, Land, and Fire
She could set free
Set them free to dance as they will
And wreck havoc upon humanity

Or she could simply spin herself round and round
At great speed and then suddenly stop
And watch in relief as the great bulk of humanity
Is jolted off the planet by this sudden stop

Or she could simply shake herself off
Shake herself free of humanity
As a dog shakes itself free of water

It does not matter to Earth one way or another
But she is tired of being raped
Tired of her life force being drained from her

And she is correct
This is one of God’s Laws
No one is to be sacrificed for another

And yes, her very life force is being drained
God’s Law is being violated

She has every right to demand correction
She has every right to seek her freedom

Yes, she has the right and yes the responsibility
To look out for her own health and well-being
Lord Jesus Christ
And where does that leave Man
Where does this leave the majority of the human race
Wandering the universe in search of a home
Lord Jesus Christ
And shall they find a home that suits them as well as the one
That the Father has gifted them with

Do you really think they will be happy living on Mars

Do you really think that they will be able to create for
The richness of Life that Earth offers them
Or shall they imprison themselves in little capsules
With finite amounts of oxygen to sustain them

Is their current attempt to explore space and yes find a new
For man knows what it is doing
It knows very well
That at the rate it is currently raping the Earth
Earth will die and Earth will die soon

And rather than take care of his home
Man in his arrogance thinks it can simply roam the universe
And find another home
Yes create another home

And if man truly believes he can create for himself
A home as beautiful and as life sustaining
And yes as home for him
As the jewel of the planet Earth

Then my dear ones
He is in for a rude awakening
He is in for a rude awakening
A rude awakening indeed
My Father, what are you suggesting
Lord Jesus Christ
I am suggesting that humanity Wakes Up!
Wakes up!  Wakes up!  Wakes up!
And NOW!

And yes, begin the task of asking Earth’s forgiveness
Yes, begin the task of sincerely wooing and winning
Earth’s original love for humanity
And yes, it cannot begin this task too soon
Yesterday would not be too soon

The matter is at a crisis point
Earth has lost her love for humanity
Earth is tired of humanity
Yes, Earth is seeking her freedom
She is to be abused no longer
And she seeks her freedom

She no longer even seeks reconciliation
She is past that point
She has long since stopped praying to the Father
That humanity sees the error of its ways
And treat its home with gentleness and care
These prayers have stopped many, many decades ago

Forgive me humanity
But your home, your Earth no longer loves you

She is too depleted to
And yes, she would free herself of you
Before you kill her
Before you kill her
Before you kill her

And my suggestion
And it is no mere suggestion
For humanity’s very survival depends on this

Is for humanity to recognize the error of his ways
For man to recognize the harm he has caused
And is increasingly causing to his home

And yes to get on his knees and to apologize
To collectively get together and express remorse to their home
And yes to collectively get together
And as a species decide, decide
And follow through on their decision
To do what it must
To win their home’s love for them back

Yes to woo Earth back
Yes to win her back

And my dear ones
Words and treaties and worldwide summits
That are all talk, talk, and more talk
Will not do the job
No, my children
Your home is not impressed by such
Her response is an indifferent roll of her eyes
A careless shrug of her shoulders
You don’t really expect to win her back with words and more
The only way my children
The only hope you have
Is action; Is action; and yes it is group action

And no, you need not wait on your federal governments
You need not wait on your international courts
You need only stop waiting

Stop waiting
Stop waiting
And yes take action now

Do what you have to do
Do what you must
Do it yourselves
Do it with others
And yes take good care of your home
Take care of her now

Stop the rape and the pillage NOW
Stop it cold!

Stop the pollution of the air and the waters NOW
Stop it cold!

Get together with your brethren
And do what needs to be done
And do it NOW

Or find yourself homeless
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Copyright  2006  Mary Rock
All Rights Reserved