Allow for the Animals  
Meditations on Terra
And we walk toward the campsite
There is much chatter as we walk
There is a higher level of excitement than I am used to
And I wonder at that
And then what happens
We are now at the campsite
And no, no one is seated in the circle meditating
All are standing about in groups chatting away animatedly
What are they talking about
Pick a group
Pick a group and go listen to what they are saying
And so I pick a group
One tall bearded man seems to be dominating the
What is he saying
Listen for you can hear as well as you see
What is he saying
I am telling you, I saw them
It was not a figment of their imagination
No, they were not overexcited nor were they dreaming
For I saw them too
And you know me well
You know how pragmatic, level headed and yes skeptical I
I am telling you
Those beings are real for I saw them
What beings are he talking of
Continue listening
We do not know if they are native to Terra
Or if they are visitors

We do not know if they can communicate with us
With each other, they clearly can
What they are doing here, we have no idea

Neither the Lord nor Archangel Michael had ever referred
To Terra already having sentient life

Well sentient animal life on it
Nor of sentient human life
Nor of sentient "something" life
What is that "something" that he refers to
Enter his head
And see what he saw
And I enter his head
And I look
And yes I am seeing beings 3 feet tall
They remind me of a vertical walrus more than anything
I would definitely think of it as an animal
But as I continue looking
I see that he had seen them converse
And move about together and then disperse in different
He had seen signs of intelligence more advanced
Than we think of animals as having
If these are animals, they are highly evolved

Are they animals or are they extra terrestrial equivalent
of humans
Is the question in this man’s brain

I am surprised at his question
For certainly the creatures appeared very similar
To many species of animal life on Earth

And certainly animal life on Earth
Displays communication and social skills
What is all the hubbub about?
Find out.  Find another group and listen in on their
I am telling you, I heard them talking
No of course I did not understand them
They were not speaking in English!
But they were speaking
And no it was not squeals and grunts
They were clearly speaking in words, and yes, in sentences
But why would beings that are so advanced
That they communicate via language
Choose to take on animal form
And that is the question that is on everyone’s mind
And from where did these beings originate
And how evolved are they

And what I am wondering is where is the Lord and the

And yes, here they are now
Walking together, the two of them, just the two of them
Coming in from inland toward the campsite

And they are chatting amicably together
The conversation seems light
They are happy; there are smiles on their faces; there is

If they are concerned about what the others have seen
They show it not
Perhaps they know not of what the Way-Showers have
Do they
Yes they do
They know that the Way-Showers have seen the creatures
And in fact that is what they are laughing about
They are laughing at the Way-Showers’ reaction to the
The Way-Showers’ astonishment and excitement and

The Lord and the Archangel are finding the humans
And their human-centric viewpoint amusing to the extreme

Here they are, on another planet, and they are astonished
to find a different life form!  How provincial can you get!

Yes, the Great Ones are amused by the Way-Showers’
And now what happens
And now the Lord claps his hands
And motions for everyone to seat themselves, and they do
Lord Jesus Christ
My children, why are you so surprised
Have you not seen
The great abundance of variety of life forms on Earth
Why should you expect it to be any different on Terra
Of course there are new and different life forms
For truly the Father is great and generous
And provides for expression of every form
And you will see this everywhere

If you have learnt nothing of Nature
Nature not devastated by humanity’s destructive powers
You know of Nature’s abundance
Both abundance of quantity and of quality
Just walk into a tropical rainforest
And look around you
Walk into the midst of an unspoiled tropical rainforest
And within your eye’s view
You can, if you look, see so many, very many different
Of bird and other animal life forms
Not to mention of course the abundance and variety of
plant life
But Lord, these animals were speaking!
Lord Jesus Christ
And your point is
The animals on Earth do not speak
Lord Jesus Christ
Don’t they
Not via highly evolved language, my Lord
And the Lord sighs
Lord Jesus Christ
There is language and there is language
There is communication and there is communication
Tell me that geese flying in formation do not communicate
And yet there is no language in evidence
Communication is via thought
The form of that communication varies
It can simply be by thought transference
The communication can be via grunts
And vocal sounds and facial gestures
The communication can be via language
Be it rudimentary or highly evolved
The form of the communication is as evolved
As the amount and complexity of communication required
Do not make the human-centric mistake
Of equating language development
With intelligence and self-awareness
I assure you my friends
While most animal life is not as evolved as most human life
Animals have intelligence and yes, animals are self-aware
And yes of course, animals do communicate
But not via words, my Lord
And again the Lord sighs
Lord Jesus Christ
(Why are they so dense, so stubborn)
(So intent on holding on to what they think they know)

And you are shocked that these animals communicate via
Yes my Lord, but of course
And the Lord is silent
As if wondering what to say
And then he says
Lord Jesus Christ
If you know nothing else
Know this

The Father is great and great is his abundance
And yes great is the variety of form
And great is the variety of expression in life

And no, do not expect to find the known and familiar
Throughout the universe

When you travel throughout your own planet
You notice the diversity of planet and animal life
Would you expect any less
As you travel throughout the universe

Yes there is great variety and diversity of life
Throughout the universe
And there is great variety and diversity of life forms
Throughout the universe
And yes these life forms choose to express themselves
In different ways and to different degrees

And this is allowed for
This is allowed for
All is allowed for

Do not, in your naiveté, expect to find the same old same
Everywhere you go

You will find diversity of form
You will find richness in expression
You will find beauty of all different sorts
You will find forms that make you laugh

All is allowed for
All is allowed for
My Lord, are we to communicate with these animals
Lord Jesus Christ
If you wish to communicate with them
And if they wish to communicate with you
There is no harm in your attempting to do so
There is no necessity to it either

It is better for like to stay with like
And not interfere with the other

But for each to stake out its own territory
And leave the other to live as it will in its territory

On some planets
Whole continents of the planets
Are left free for the animals
To roam freely in

No humans live on that continent
The animals are free
Free to roam about and live independently are they

Your Africa on Earth
Before the European invasion
Most closely resembles that

The humans that lived on Africa
Before the arrival of the Europeans
Knew how to live in peace with the animals
They knew how to co-exist with them
So that both animal life and human life
Shared the same continent in freedom

The humans that lived in the Americas
Before the arrival of the Europeans
Also knew how to share the land with the animals
So that both animals and humans could live in freedom
On the same continent

With the arrival of the Europeans
The animals lost their freedom
Please be careful that you do not do this same offense
To the animals on Terra

There will be portions of Terra
That will be reserved primarily for the animals
And there will be portions of Terra
Where both animal life and human life
Can share the space in freedom
And there will be portions of Terra
That will be reserved primarily
For humans

What I am asking of you is to teach your fellows this
Learn which portions of Terra are for whom
And respect the land
And respect the natural residents of that land

Allow for all forms

Be as generous as your Father is
And allow for all forms
Do not crowd them out
Leave a portion of Terra exclusively for them

As you explore Terra you will find a continent
Where there is a variety of great and majestic animals
That freely roam about the continent
When you see this
Recognize that this continent is for them
And leave this continent and its animals in peace

There is no reason for humanity
To populate every single square inch of Terra

Allow, allow, allow
Share the planet with others
Share the planet with other life forms
Be generous and allow

And no
There is no reason for you to communicate with these
If they seek you out
If they attempt to communicate with you
Then you are free to respond in kind

But do not force your attention on them
Do not “train” them to perform for your amusement
Do not insult them so

Allow them to be what they are
Allow them their space
Allow for them

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Copyright  2006  Mary Rock
All Rights Reserved