Restrain Your Impatience  
Meditations on Terra
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Copyright  2006  Mary Rock
All Rights Reserved
Dear Heavenly Father
We have been asking you for blessing after blessing
And you Father have been generous to the utmost in your
We now ask you Father
What is our next step?
Do we continue to ask for ever yet more blessings
Or is there another, a second step for us to begin
Please Father advise
Advise us Father we pray
And tell me what are the first 3 phases
Of a development project
  1. Requirements
  2. Design
  3. Build
And have you completed the Requirements Phase
To your full satisfaction
No Father we suspect not
There is still so much more we could dream for Terra
A good project manager knows to not begin
The subsequent phase of development
Until the preceding phase has been completed
Reviewed and approved

Restrain your impatience
This is a massive undertaking
The creation of your planet!

Restrain your impatience and complete each phase
And to you and to your Lord’s satisfaction
Before beginning the next

Restrain your impatience
And remain yet in this your Requirements Phase
Remain until each and every single requirement
Has been articulated

You may then move on
To your second step of the Requirements Phase
Which will be your review of your requirements
Organizing them
Distilling them
Bringing them together into a cohesive whole

And then of course there will be
The third step of the Requirements Phase
For there are always 3 steps
And that is to present your Requirements
To the Godhead and to the Divine Brotherhood
For our review and approval

Step by step by step
Shall you create Terra!

Restrain your impatience
And complete this very first of steps
Brainstorming your requirements
Complete it in full
Complete it until you are brainstormed out
You will know when you are done
You will know

You will then take a rest, a breather, a time out
A time away
To refresh yourself
To gain a broader perspective

And then refreshed and renewed
You shall return to this project
And review the requirements you have collected
And at that point evaluate them
Each of them singly
Each of them as they fit into the whole
You will group the requirements into a logical order
You will remove the redundancies
You may find that you will even choose to drop
A requirement or two or three
Realizing that in fact and in truth
They are not in the best interests of Terra! and her

You will thus organize and document your requirements
And when you perceive that you have taken your document
As far as you can take it
Your document is complete and represents your thoughts
And your desires fully and clearly

You will then present this your Terra Requirements
To your Executive Staff, which is -
  • Me your God and Father
  • Mary the Queen of Heaven
  • The Great Lord Jesus Christ
  • The Divine Brotherhood
  • And the Great Archangel Michael

We shall review your document closely
And will note our comments upon it

And return the document to you for your revision and
And thus this process, our review and revision
And your review of our notes and your updates
Will repeat
And will repeat
And will repeat
Until you are fully satisfied
Until we are fully satisfied
And at that point
We shall bless the Terra Requirements Document

And at that point
Most of you shall be relieved of this your assignment
And we the Executive Staff shall appoint a new team
To take our blessed Requirements Document
And from it
Begin their proposed Design of Terra
And thus the second phase, the Design Phase of Terra
Shall commence
And it shall proceed in a similar, though not identical
To your Requirements Phase

First the brainstorming of ideas
Then the evaluation of those ideas
The organizing and distilling them
The presentation of them to the Executive Staff for their
The iterations of revisions and updates
Until finally, finally, we have a Design Document
Which satisfies all, which pleases all
And we shall bless this Design Document

And again, most of the members of the Design Team
Will be relieved of their duties
And we shall assemble a new team
To perform the actual build of Terra
A team that will participate in and assist in the birthing of

Restrain your impatience
Take your time
Allow each of you to provide input
At least once, at least twice, at least thrice
Brainstorm until you are completely satisfied
That all possible requirements have been listed

And then, as I have told you
Take a break
Take a vacation
Away from the project
Away from each other
And then return, refreshed and renewed
To begin your second step of reviewing and distilling and
Your requirements

Restrain your impatience
What you are now doing
What you are now in the process of co-creating
Will last for age upon age
Dream well
Brainstorm fully
Do not be afraid of redundancy
For each instance will have its own slant
Its own variation of that theme

Restrain your impatience
Do your task in patience, in calmness, with purpose
And with focus

Do it well
Do it fully
Do it to your complete and total satisfaction

Take your time
And do right by Terra

Take your time
Give Terra your all
And do right for the children of Terra
For all the generations of Terrans you are working

Take your time
And perform your task to the best, the very best
Of your abilities

I am patient my children
Do not fear that you are boring me with your requests
Speak your Truth
Tell me all that is on your heart and mind

I want to know
I your God and Father
Want to know what my children think and feel and desire

Tell me your Truth
Please, above all, please
Do not say what you think I want to hear!
Please do not insult me so!

Please be honest
Please be sincere
And please give this so very important Requirements
The foundation upon which all subsequent phases will build
Please give your task
The creation of the Terra Requirements Document
The attention and the thought it deserves

I am waiting for you my children
Heaven itself is waiting for you my children

Restrain your impatience
And give your task
The time, the attention, the careful thought and planning
The attention to detail, the look at the overview
Give your task your all
Your best, your all

And only when you are completely satisfied
Do you then consider this first step – the brainstorming
Of this first phase – the Requirements
Of this project – the Creation and Birth of Terra herself!

Only when you are completely satisfied
And completely talked out
Do you consider this first step complete

I love you my children
Take your time my children
Remember my children
The work you are now doing
Will last for ages upon ages

Perform your task well