Gentleness and Kindness
Meditations on Terra
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Copyright  2006  Mary Rock
All Rights Reserved
And now all are standing in a circle
Hands joined; Heads bowed in prayer
What is their prayer
Listen and hear
What is their prayer
Our dear Heavenly Father

Thank you so for granting us this opportunity
To create the planet of our dreams

Truly you are good to us Father
Letting us have a say in the creation of our future home

Father let us say correctly
Let us pray correctly
Let us create correctly

So that our future home is as the Lord wants it to be
The Garden of Eden
Heaven itself manifested

We ask you this prayer Father
In the name of Jesus Christ, your Son, our Lord
Amen.  Amen.  Amen
And now what happens
And they open their eyes and look to center
And Archangel Michael steps out
And stands in the center of their circle
And he turns around in place – 360 degrees
And yes spots a woman and walks toward her

Everyone else now sits down
Archangel Michael hugs the woman, hands her the peace
And says his now familiar words -
Speak your Truth

And the woman stand in place in the circle
And puts the pipe to her lips
And she blows sweetly into it
And sweetness comes out of it
Her song is sweetness, sweetness and delight

It is light and airy as the breeze
It is soft and caresses us all
It is above all, gentle and kind
And that is my prayer request for Terra, Father
That gentleness and kindness be the Law of the Land

Even between strangers
Even among people who know each other not

The principle
Their guiding principle
The principle they live by
The one they have been taught since birth
Is gentleness and kindness

Gentleness and kindness are not reserved
Only for those near and dear to us
But are freely and generously bestowed on all we meet
Be they neighbor or stranger from a far distant land
Be they someone who looks like us
Or someone of a different color, different features

Gentleness and kindness is the law of the land
Gentleness and kindness are the modus operandi
Gentleness and kindness are how people are with each

They know no other way to be

They are this way at all times
With all people
Under all circumstances

Gentle and kind
Gentle and kind
Gentle and kind

My dear heavenly Father

Bless us Terrans with the gift of gentleness and kindness
Teach us to teach our children to be gentle and kind
And to teach our children to teach their children likewise

So that for all generations of Terrans
Gentleness and kindness are the way, the only way
People behave, think, and feel toward one another

I ask you this blessing Father
For us, for Terra, for all Terrans forever

I ask you this blessing Father
For your Son, the great Lord Jesus Christ

I ask you this blessing Father
In your Son’s name

Amen.  Amen.  Amen