A Humble Musician  
Meditations on Terra
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Copyright  2005  Mary Rock
All Rights Reserved
Lord Jesus Christ
    My dear Heavenly Father
    We are again here to move forward in my one dream
    My one dream Father
    My one dream

    To recreate the Garden of Eden Father
    To give us a 2nd chance Father
    To give humanity one more chance
    At manifested Paradise

    Please Father bless us
    Please Father bless our meeting
    Please Father bless our effort

    I ask you this Father
    For my children’s sake
    For my children and yours, Father
    I make this request

    Amen.  Amen.  Amen
And the Lord brings his head back up to vertical
And all excepting Archangel Michael sit down

Archangel Michael walks to the center of the circle
He has the flute/peace pipe in his hand
And he turns around in place
He then walks over to some one between 6 and 7 o’clock
He places his hands on the person’s upper arms
He murmurs a few words to him
What are his words … what are his words
Archangel Michael
    God bless you my son
    Speak your truth
    Speak it in peace
He hands the peace pipe to the team member
He walks back to the center of the circle
Bows down to Lord Jesus
And then walks back to his place and sits down
Now focus exclusively at the individual who is now standing
Look at him, darling
Vibrate your 3rd Eye, open your Eye, and ask your Eye
To tell you what he sees
The man has blond hair
His fingers are long and lean
Like one imagines a pianist’s fingers to be

He steps forward into the circle
And begins walking about as he plays the flute
He is an accomplished flute player
He is an accomplished musician
And he prays for music

How he loves music!
And his song is a song of longing
Longing for music, beautiful music
Music that uplifts, that inspires, that soothes the soul
Longing for music that speaks to the human heart
Longing for music that speaks to us directly
That we can understand directly
That we hear the music and know what the song is telling
No need for a critic’s interpretation, no!

We understand exactly what the song is saying
We understand it at every level of our being
We understand it with our minds
We understand it with our emotions
We understand it with our bodies
We understand the music and it calls forth a response
from us
We hear it
We understand it
We respond to it
We must!
For the music calls!

And the music speaks to us of us
It speaks to us of our experience of life
It speaks to us of the mysteries of our hearts
And hearing the song, we understand ourselves better
The song explains ourselves to ourselves
The music explains our passions to us
It explains our yearnings and our longings
And it points the way for us to soothe and satisfy these
The music brings us satisfaction and peace
It brings a great sense of peace to the very core of our

And this gift of music
Is freely available to all on Terra who would partake of it
It is not reserved for a privileged few born with the talent
for it
No, it is available to one and all who express interest
Who desire for such
The music and the true understanding of music
Is public domain
Available to all
So that all can be enriched thereby
So that all can communicate via
So that all can learn what only music can teach

    Yes Father this is my request
    That the fundamental and true understanding and
    hearing of music
    Be made available to all the citizens of Terra
    That each one of us be born with this talent
    It is incipient in all of us
    And only needs our desire to manifest this gift

The musician continues his song
It is also a song of love
Of love for music
And for what music has given to him
How music has enriched his life, his soul, his being
He is grateful for the gift of music
He is profoundly grateful
But he realizes to his dismay that his fellow earthlings
So many of them
Are not so gifted

They hear not
They understand not
They feel it not
And they know it not
They know not how deprived they are
They hear music with their ears and think they are hearing
They know not to hear music with their soul and with their
And with their heart and with their body
They know not
It is actually a mercy that they know not what they are
It would be cruel to tell them
Too cruel

But here on Terra
This blessing, this precious life-giving gift
Will be available to all

    Father if you are willing
    Allow all of your Terran children
    The gift of true and deep and profound musical
    Grant us all Father the gift of music
    Amen.  Amen.  Amen.
And the musician had been walking around as he had
And now he stops before the Lord
He is 3 feet away from the Lord and immediately facing

And he looks at the Lord as if asking for permission
And the Lord nods his head
And the musician begins playing once more
And now he is praising the Lord

He is thanking the Father for the Father’s gift of the Son
He is thanking the Son for his patience with us
He is thanking the Son for not giving up on his children

    Yea, even as the Earth’s time is fading
    Our Lord has not forgotten us
    He has not given up on us
    He has not, thank God! Lost patience with his children

    No, our dear Lord has not lost his patience with his
    And is even now working, working, working
    To create a home for his children

And the musician thanks the Lord
For his steadfast love for humanity
He thanks the Lord for his efforts on humanity’s behalf

He praises the Lord
He praises the Lord
He praises the Lord

He then concludes with his oath of allegiance and love to
the Lord
    I will follow you always
    Always will I follow you
    Wherever you lead me, I will follow you

    And you are leading me to Terra
    And so I follow you to Terra

    My Lord!  My Lord!  My Lord!
    My eyes weep upon seeing you
    I had never thought I would be so blessed
    As to see you with my own eyes

    And my eyes weep with the joy of seeing yours
    Forgive me my Lord
    Forgive me my emotionalism
    And accept my song
    My humble song of gratitude and praise

    God bless you my Lord
    God bless you forever

    Forever yours
    A humble musician