This Most Unusual of Requests
Meditations on Terra
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Copyright  2005  Mary Rock
All Rights Reserved
Lord Jesus Christ
Thank you everyone for having gathered here
I am so very, very happy to see you all together
God bless each and every one of you for your faithfulness
May we complete what we are starting
And thus let us begin our prayer

Abba my God and my Father
Please hear my prayer

My children are once again united to create their new
home, Terra
May they persevere in their efforts Father
May they see their efforts through to completion

God bless them Father
God bless their work Father
And please Abba, help me and help them to realize my
Of Terra as Heaven manifested for my children
Your human children
Our children

Amen.  Amen.
As I have said, so Father may it be
And we all add our own Amen’s
To our Lord’s request to his Father and ours
My Son, I bless your people and I bless your effort and
May they result in successful fruition
May they yield each and every single one of your dreams
For your children’s new home

Good luck my Son
Lord Jesus Christ
Thank you Abba
Thank you kindly
And now the Lord sits down and looks across at Archangel
And Archangel Michael grins broadly to him and arises
And stands in the circle and looks around

And we are all looking at him
Fascinated by his stature; his awesome presence

And Archangel Michael looks around the circle
Turning himself ever so slowly
He is tapping the silver flute against his hand as if it were
a ruler
And he is grinning, grinning, mischievously grinning

And I wonder why
It is because he is so happy that the Terra meditations are
finally resuming

And his eyes fix upon a person at the 6 o’clock position
And he walks towards them
And hands them the silver pipe

And the person receives it bewilderedly
The person remains seated
And is looking at the pipe
As if trying to ascertain whether it is a pipe or a flute
For it has been used both ways

And this is the first time she has ever held it in her hands
and she wonders
How this can be so
And she looks at it but does not see the answer to her
And she looks up to question Archangel Michael
But he has already returned to and resumed his seat
And the woman shrugs her shoulders helplessly
And closes her eyes
She clears herself of herself
And then asks for the Lord’s graces to pour down into her
So that she may be a proper vehicle
A proper channel
To request Terra’s needed blessings

And when she perceives her prayer request to have been
She lays the pipe down across her lap and starts out
Slowly, softly
And then it is not at all long before she is chanting
Yes she is chanting with a clear and pure and strong voice
The vocal words do not make any sense to me
So I tune in with my inner ear to hear what she is singing

And yes she is singing of Beauty
The beauty of Nature
The beauty of Music
The beauty of the healthy and of the young

She is praying that Terra be a place of wondrous beauty
That beauty be the norm on Terra
That glorious, resplendent beauty be commonplace

The beauty that takes one’s breath away
Beauty that forces you to stop and stand and in humbled
awe look
Look, look, look
For to be in such beauty’s presence is a grace in and of

The woman is singing for Terra to be filled
With such places of resplendent beauty

There for all to see
There for all who long to see; to see

To gaze at to their heart’s content
To their eyes’ satisfaction
To their delight and yes, to their joy
And yes Abba, if it is at all possible
Can the Terrans keep the beauty of their youth

For on Earth, truly it is a heartbreaking sight
To see how our beautiful children are transformed into the

And forgive us Father, we love our elderly
But truly we wish for them
And for ourselves
To keep the beauty we had in our youth

That on the contrary, the more we grow and mature
The more our inner beauty shines

The more the physical reflects the mental, emotional, and

And as we mature as citizens of Terra
Our beauty increases
Along with our mental, emotional, and spiritual

Yes Father, I would have our physical manifest
The underlying mental, emotional, and spiritual reality

Yes Father, I would that the outer reflect the inner

And what we physically see of a person
Is an accurate reflection of the person’s goodness and of
the person’s truth

And so we are encouraged Father, by our longing to be
To also be good and to also be true
But it is beauty that she longs for
It is beauty that she sings for
Beauty in all its various manifestation that she aches for
Be it in the form of a beautiful voice, a beautiful woman, a
beautiful sunset

A work of art
A work of music
A work of architecture
May Terra be in and of itself a work of beauty
May Terra be a showcase of beauty

Every form on Terra being the most beautiful version of
that form
So that everywhere one rests one’s eyes
One beholds beauty

On Terra is beautiful

And that is my prayer request Abba

Forgive me if it is seen as frivolous
But how I ache for beauty
How it pleases me so
And how I would enjoy living in a planet where beauty

How that would please me Father
How that would bring a song to my heart
Yes Father, a real and sustaining joy

If it pleases you Father
If it is not too frivolous a request Father
I would that Terra be a planet of beauty
I would that Terra be a planet
Where everywhere is beautiful
Upon which everything is beautiful
And whose every single inhabitant is beauty personified

Each place, person, and thing on Terra
In their own unique and singular way
Is a work of art
Beauty Manifested
That is a most unusual request my child
I shall consider it
I shall consider it
And I will get back with you when I have made my decision

But know my dear one
That your request is not seen as frivolous, not at all

For truly beauty is a gift
Beauty is a blessing
Beauty does soothe and delight and uplift

But for everyone and everything and everywhere to be
Now that truly is asking a lot
And I will have to give the matter some thought
Thank you Abba
Thank you for hearing me
Thank you for considering my request
Thank you for not regarding it as frivolous

And my dear Abba, you will let me know your decision
My dear child, I most assuredly will

But let me first hear more of what Terra will be
As she is designed by your peers
And then I will be in a better position to determine
If to answer your request in full would be appropriate and
Or an extravagance that would distract and detour

After I have heard from most of your comrades
I will then be able to give you my decision
As to what extent it will benefit Terra to grant your request
Thank you Abba
Thank you for hearing me
Thank you for considering my request

And thank you for assuring me of a response
You are most welcome my dear one
You have certainly intrigued me
And I will most definitely respond to you

The response you get will be determined by what your
peers ask for
For all must be harmonious
All must work together for the greater good

And we shall see and we shall listen and we shall respond
Until then my dear one
You have my utmost respect for this most unusual of