A Seemingly Unending Spring
Meditations on Terra
Lord Jesus Christ
My dear heavenly Father

My children are frightened
They are frightened of change
They are frightened of what they do not know
They do not even know what nor why they are frightened
They are simply frightened

And forgive me Father but it wearies me to no end
To see them succumb to the snake so easily
So easily, so easily!
It breaks my heart
And I burn
And I burn
And I burn

Father help me to teach these my children of your Love
Help me to teach them to know and to feel your love
To know and to feel the complete lack of need to fear

Let them learn Father to choose Love over fear
Let them learn Father to so choose each and every
single time

Each and every single time my Father
Each and every single time

Bless me Father
With patience, with forbearance, and with endurance
And bless these my children with your gift of

Amen.  Amen

As I have said it
So let it be
And we all join the Lord in saying, Amen

And the Lord looks to Archangel Michael
Who nods his head in understanding
And Archangel Michael stands up in the center of the
And looks around

Meanwhile we are all humming
We are humming
We are humming

And Archangel Michael stops
And looks at the young man Michael
Who looks up in surprise,
Who me?

And Archangel Michael nods his head firmly
And walks over to Michael
And hands him the peace pipe

And Michael stands up
And bows from the waist to Archangel Michael
Before accepting the pipe

He immediately, without hesitation
Brings the pipe to his lips and starts playing it

And we have ceased humming
And now we are intently listening to the melody
As it floats upward
And toward the center of our circle

And listening to the melody
Evokes the images and the feelings, the scents in the air
Of Springtime

It is Spring and Nature is in her youth

There are butterflies and birds
There is the ripple of a waterfall
There is a cool mountain pond
The leaves on the trees and even the blades of grass
Have that translucent green of early spring
For it is springtime on Terra
For verily Terra is in her youth and so is her expression

Nature on Terra is in her youth
And we are enchanted
We now feel ourselves to be in the garden
This lovely delightful garden that Michael’s melody

And he continues playing
And we see a deer licking a leaf on a tree

And he continues playing
And oh my yes, we see little fairies, like butterflies
Flitting about the garden

And he continues playing
And now we see children playing, children laughing
Gurgling with joy as they play in the pond
As they run about the garden

And he continues playing
And we see young lovers walking hand in hand
In a world of their own
Inhabited by only two
Their eyes only for each other
Their hearts bursting with love for each other

It is springtime on Terra

And this springtime lasts a long time
For Terra is a new planet
And it will take time for her to mature
Into the fullness of summer

And in the meantime
Her first inhabitants
These fortunate ones
Are enjoying a seemingly unending Spring
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Copyright  2005  Mary Rock
All Rights Reserved