Your Kingdom Come, Your Will Be Done on Terra
Meditations on Terra
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Copyright  2005  Mary Rock
All Rights Reserved
And with the Lord leading the procession
We single file
Ride the arc across to Terra

And again we arrive to a reception by a group of white-robed
Who do applaud us
But instead of introductions
This time hugs are made all around
Divine Brotherhood
Now what happens
And yes, we are seated around the campfire
Yes we are in the same positions we were last time

We can see the ocean shore behind the Lord
Who is at the 3 o’clock position

It is only a dozen yards or so away
Divine Brotherhood
And now what happens
I am seeing that we are all joining hands
And we start to hum!
I don’t know who started the humming or who is leading it
But we are humming

And the humming grows louder
And it becomes melodious like a wave
It waves and as I hum I can see the wave that the humming

And now we have finished humming
And have dropped our hands
And we look to the Lord

And yes he has his silver peace pipe
And he raises it up in silent prayer
Divine Brotherhood
Tune in
Take your time
Tune in and allow the rest of us to hear the Lord’s prayer
Lord Jesus Christ
Our Father
Your kingdom come
Your will be done
On Terra as it is in Heaven

And that my dear Father
Sums up my prayer request for Terra
It says it all

Your kingdom come to Terra
Your will be done in Terra

Please dear Father
Let this dream of mine actually come to fruition
And may we start realizing this dream right now
Even as we speak

Amen.  Amen.  Amen.
As I have said it so may it be

Please Father grant this my request
My request that is so close to my heart

My greatest request of all Father
My greatest request of all Father
My greatest request of all Father

Thy kingdom come on Terra
Thy will be done on Terra

That is my greatest prayer request of you
Amen.  Amen.  Amen.
And the Lord brings the peace pipe to his lap
And bows his head for a moment
In silence

And then he lifts up his head
And he looks around the circle
And he does this several times
In silence

And finally he reaches across
And hands the peace pipe to Archangel Michael
Who accepts it
And Archangel Michael sits cross-legged
With the peace pipe on his lap
And with his eyes closed
Divine Brotherhood
What is he thinking?
Do not try, dear heart
You are trying too hard
Relax, this is your beloved Archangel Michael
Tune into him
Relax and tune into him and you will easily hear him
Archangel Michael
My dear God and Father
Please grant this request of your son

May we Father create a jewel of a planet on Terra
And may we start now

May it be a shining star in your universe
And may its people be your obedient and joyful children

May peace reign upon the planet
And live within all who inhabit it

Abba, my God
Please, for your Son’s sake
Pour your blessings down upon this group
Pour your blessings down upon this planet
That it be all that your Son dreams it to be and more

Lighten his heart my dear Father
Lighten his heart for he has suffered long enough Father
He has truly suffered long enough

And would find a measure of comfort
Knowing that Terra realizes your original dream for Earth
And slowly but surely over time
All of humanity evolves to the point
That they can be true citizens of Terra

True children of the realms
Your joyful and innocent sons and daughters

Abba, you sense how intensely your Son longs
For Terra to be Heaven manifested
A refuge and a haven for his children

Please Abba, as we here gather together
Please show us how, HOW to bring this about

Please God, let us get it right this time
And did we not get it right last time
Archangel Michael
Things went south fairly quickly, Father

It is your Son’s dream that the planet is such
Combined with your blessing of The Gift of Right Location
That it remain forever
Forever remain a Garden of Eden for those privileged to live

Yes my Father, he longs for the Garden of Eden
He longs for it intensely
And he wants it to be REAL
And to be forever available
To those of his children who would accept it
I have heard his request
To hear is to answer

You need not my counsel
You know what to do

You lead the way
You lead the way

As I have said it
So shall it be
And Archangel Michael bows his head
As though receiving the Father’s blessings

And when he looks up
There is authority and determination
In his eyes and his demeanor

And he quietly passes the pipe to Violet on his left
And he whispers to her,
Speak your truth

And Violet accepts the pipe
And it lies on her lap while her head is bowed
And then she inhales from the pipe
So that she is free to speak her truth
And with her eyes open
She exhales O rings and laughs delightedly

And states
And this is my prayer request for Terra
That there is laughter on Terra
Joyful, free, unabashed laughter on Terra

That the planet herself laughs in delight; laughs in joy
That the children laugh in delight, laugh in joy
That all the animals, and all the people as well
Yes even the adults
Find it easy and do so often, often
Easily and often they laugh in delight and in joy

The laughter is heard in their voices as they speak
The joy is seen in their eyes as they walk

Laughter and joy are my prayer requests for Terra
The planet herself and all those who inhabit her

That is my prayer request Abba
Please accept my request for this new planet
May it be so

Thank you Father
Thank you

And then Violet bows her head
And receives her Father’s blessings
Divine Brotherhood
What does he say to her
I love you my child
You have pleased me greatly with your request
Your request is granted you

And Terra will be a planet of laughter and joy
And all who inhabit her will find laughter and joy
To be an intrinsic part of their nature

They will not be able to help themselves
They will delight in their home
And they will be aware of their delight in their home

You have pleased me greatly Violet with this request
And I am delighted to grant it
And grant it I do
And Violet whispers softly

Thank you Abba, Thank you

And then Violet hands the pipe back to Archangel Michael
Who shakes his head and indicates that she is to pass the
pipe to the person on her left
And so she does
Divine Brotherhood
And this person is …
I am thinking Lucia
Divine Brotherhood
You are thinking correctly
You know Lucia well and will find it easy to tune into her
Do so now
Everyone is safe
Safe from everyone

Everyone and Everything
Is Safe From and Safe For Everyone and Everything

Terra is above all SAFE

That is the base
The platform upon which all other blessings dwell
For one must be safe to be free to laugh

Yes safety is a necessary blessing
Do you not agree, Abba
Do you not agree
Yes my child
It must be a given

I like how you have put it
You have stated it very well Lucia

Everyone and everything is safe from and safe for
Everyone and everything

Very well put
Very well put indeed
And so shall Terra be

Terra shall be safe from everyone and everything
Terra shall be safe for everyone and everything inhabiting

And all creatures and everyone and everything
Shall be safe from each other and safe for each other

As you have said it Lucia, so shall it be
So shall it be