Meditations on Terra
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Copyright  2004  Mary Rock
All Rights Reserved
Lord Jesus Christ
Look there!  Look to Terra!
And so I look and I am there on Terra
And now I’m back on the edge of the cliff on Earth

It would seem that I keep relocating
Both to the edge of the cliff on Earth and then onto Terra
Depending on where I place my focus

Jesus with his hand and arm gestures
Clearly indicates that I am to focus on Terra
So I do

It is hard to maintain that focus
I keep bouncing back to the edge of the cliff on Earth
And I re-focus to Terra

Now Jesus is gesturing
It would seem that he is discussing his vision of Terra to us
Though I here don’t hear a word of it

But the me that is on Terra hears what he says
And envisions what he is proposing

Terra is nothing like that yet
Not yet
Not yet

It is now empty or practically so
Or that is how it appears to me

Jesus hikes inward
And we all follow him
And from Terra we look down at Earth

And we see that the essence of Earth
The good and the pure
Is being extracted from Earth and will be overlaid on Terra

All the beauty that is Earth’s will also be Terra’s

The crisp clean air
The ocean breeze
The joyful dolphins

Jesus continues to look at Earth
He is watching what will come over
Who will come over?
The animals are now coming over
I see the hippopotamus coming over
It is almost like the image of the animals lined up 2 by 2
To board Noah’s Ark
A similar line of animals 2 by 2
Are crossing over from Earth to Terra

Jesus continues looking silently at Earth
We stand there with him
We are praying

We are praying for those on Earth
We are praying that they will choose to come to Terra
We are praying for those who could come, that they do come

How many will come?
Jesus is watching silently
And then he turns around to us
Lord Jesus Christ
It is time for us to refocus ourselves back on Earth
And collect the last of the stragglers

We come back and the Earth is a wasteland
It is brown, dry, packed dirt
At least the portion that I see

We appear as translucent white beings

And those who are still on Earth
Those who choose to, can follow us
Those who see us

We show them Terra
We show them the arc of light that the animals used to get there
Some of them get on that arc and go

Others are afraid
They are afraid of falling
Into space, into nothingness
They are afraid

I walk around some more
Looking for a human here; looking for an animal there

I pick up an animal in my arms

Poor thing, it has suffered so much
I focus on Terra and I am back with the animal still on my arm

I understand now

I refocus to Earth
And whatever I find that is still living
I pick up in my arms and refocus to Terra

Am I supposed to be doing this?

Jesus nods
Lord Jesus Christ
Yes; if it is still alive, it qualifies for life on Terra
And so I continue my task
Focusing and refocusing
Until finally I bi-locate

And it seems that I am doing both simultaneously
Picking up a living being on Earth
Depositing it on Terra

The me that is on Earth is tired

Are we done yet?

I am beginning to panic

Am I going to be stuck here?

Immediately my Terra self joins me
And together we return to Terra

And that is it for me
That is all I can handle
No more going back to Earth for me

Others are still at this task

But I turn away
I walk away
I have other work to do

I am grateful and relieved that I did not get stuck on Earth
Though apparently that was never a serious danger
Never a danger at all

For all my Terra friends would have joined me to bring me back

I walk up to Jesus
And I say

Lord, I have done the best I can

And he has tears in his eyes as he thanks me for my effort

It is over now
There is no more we can do for those on Earth

The Lord is looking back at the wasteland that is now Earth

It is dry, dry, dry

They have no water
Not a drop
Not a drop of water to drink

The Lord’s tears pour down on them
And they drink his tears

And a few more Terra beings return to Earth
And come back with a few more Earthlings

And the process repeats itself 3 times

And then the Lord turns away from Earth
And looks at us

We are all gathered around waiting for His instructions

But he is weary
And wishes to rest

And so we attend to him
And then leave him alone so that he can truly rest in his
Father's arms

And we are at a loss
There is a feeling of grief
Terra was supposed to be only joy

But right now we are feeling grief
We are sad; we are weary; we are at a loss

And the Divine Brotherhood appears to us
Just as we had appeared to the Earthlings
As translucent white beings
Though of course much larger, much greater

And they bid us hush
And they congratulate us on our accomplishments
On all we have accomplished

On our success in arriving to Terra
On our success in helping our brothers and sisters
Make the journey to Terra
But now dear ones you are weary
And that is not allowed on Terra
And they put us all to sleep so that we may rest
And so that we may forget

Forget all that has happened before
Forget Earth itself
Forget our earthly lives

Forget all

So that when we are reawakened
We are truly new beings, innocent and fresh and pure
True children of Terra
A Migration to Terra